Below are the answers to common questions about our pieces. If your question isn’t answered below please contact us via Facebook or email ironworxaustralia@gmail.com

Is it ok to feed wild birds?

Yes – and in fact between 35% and 57% of households around Australia actively feed birds (The Guardian, Dec 2017, see link below).

It is a common misconception in Australia that feeding wild birds creates a dependency and that the birds will struggle to find food themselves if the ‘artificial’ food were to be removed. Instead it is recommended to create gardens using plants that will attract birds more naturally. However, in many cases this actually limits bird diversity because it attracts birds like Currawongs and Miners who bully others birds and limit their access to these food sources.

Recent studies have shown there is little evidence that feeding wild birds reduces their independence and ability to find food for themselves. Generally, the food from feeders and hand feeding makes up a small portion of a bird’s diet. They are also very adaptable in finding alternative food sources should the artificial food be removed.

Of more concern, however, is disease from unclean feeding areas and malnutrition from feeding the wrong food. One of the problems is that, due to the bad reputation bird feeding has in Australia, there are no clear/official guidelines on how to feed birds properly. Check out these links for more information and tips on feeding wild birds.

The Guardian, Feed the birds, 2017

Deakin University, this. blog, Should we feed the birds


Is it ok for birds to drink from copper bird bath dishes?

Yes. Many people drink tap water that comes through copper pipes so it should not be an issue for birds.


How can I seal the pieces to stop rust rubbing off ?

We recommend using Penetrol as a sealant – it is non-toxic when dry, colourless and low in odour.

Take a look at this Penetrol brochure for directions as to use of Penetrol on metal.


Do we use weathered steel (aka corten steel)?

No, we don’t. There are a number of concerns with using weathered steel and so we prefer to stick to traditional materials and methods. Using weathered steel would also increase the price of our products, and we don’t believe this would be justified based on the limitations of this material.

We use Australian made steel purchased from local suppliers wherever possible.

The following links provide more information about the use and limitations of weathered steel:

Wikipedia, Weathering Steel

Green Future, Why Coreten Steel is an Environmental Nightmare, 2017

NY Times, Sculptor’s Ordeal With Steel: It’s Pretty but Temperamental, 1991


Do we do commission work?

No, we do not currently have capacity to take on commission work. Our pieces are hand crafted from original designs, which unfortunately does not leave enough time to dedicate to one off custom pieces.


Do we have a gallery/shopfront?

At the moment we do not have a physical gallery/shop but we have recently launched our online store, where you can purchase a range of hanging bird feeders, hooks and wall mounts.  We will continue to attend events in NSW/ACT throughout the year if you prefer to view the products in person. Check out our Events page and follow us on Facebook for regular updates on where we will be next.