Classic bird feeder (narrow)

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$177.00 Incl GST

Our most popular bird feeder design with twice as many bars, perfect for king parrots.

Includes postage.

Only 2 left in stock


    ***Please Note this is a newly made batch, not rusty yet but the patina will develop over time.***

    This version of our most popular design has twice as many bars and that classic curved shape.

    Each has a beautiful rusty patina that will continue to grow over time. Made from 100% Australian steel that will last a lifetime.

    Includes a removable 21cm terracotta dish.

    Can also be used as a plant holder.

    Not sure how to hang it? Pair it with an S hook or Wall mount to make it easy to hang from a sturdy tree branch, wall or post.

    Dimensions: 380mm (w) x 480mm (h – including ring)

    Postage & Handling: included.

    Please note: all our pieces are hand crafted and rusted via the natural elements and therefore unique. There will be slight variations in size/colour from those listed or shown.

    67 reviews for Classic bird feeder (narrow)

    1. Trudy McNamara (verified owner)

      It looks beautiful & attracts birds

    2. Jenny (verified owner)

      Brilliant. Arrived quickly, looks amazing hanging off our deck and most importantly – seems to be cockatoo proof! We love it.

    3. Anne (verified owner)

      Really pleased with our bird feeder. Have had Eastern and Crimson Rosellas feeding from it in the garden outside our kitchen window. A beautiful sight! Have had a few cockatoos try to get to the feed but none have succeeded when food is placed in the centre of the dish. Thank you!

    4. Steven (verified owner)

      It’s mounted on the fence and the birds have worked it out. A bit hard to add a fat handful of seed to the tray would be my only downside, but I am adjusting too! A lovely addition to the garden.

    5. Fiona (verified owner)

      Really subtle and beautiful feeder which looks great in our garden. It’s attracting small parrots and am really happy the larger birds can’t get in and take all the seed!

    6. Ian (verified owner)

      Exceptional product, really pleased with it. Well made and looks sensational. The lorikeets even like it and best of all … the spotted doves and pigeons can’t get at the seed.

    7. debra (verified owner)

      Love the bird feeder looks great and the king parrots feel spoiled.

    8. Russell M. (verified owner)

      As i expected, very well made

    9. Phil Scanlan (verified owner)

      Birds enjoying/cockies too upside down

    10. Tim G. (verified owner)

      We love our bird feeder and are very happy with it. Unfortunately our local king parrots are a bit too dumb to work it out and just sit in the tree looking at it. I might need to make them a little landing pad. The Crimson & Eastern Rosellas are straight in though and love it. It works well in keeping the pesky sky chickens out (Cockatoos).

    11. Melissa R. (verified owner)

      They very lovely and well made, but I was hoping to keep out the cockatoos so smaller birds could get the seed but sadly the bars are still too open and they take it all!!

    12. ROB (verified owner)

      quick delivery, quality product, birds love it and so do we 🙂

    13. Annie (verified owner)

      It’s brilliant and the rosellas love it and it keeps the larger birds out. It is also attractive as a piece of garden art.

    14. Jillian Goodge (verified owner)

      Elegant looking bird feeder. The narrower spaces allow the smaller birds to feed and make it harder for the cockatoos to take over

    15. Elaine (verified owner)

      I already had the classic feeder and bought the narrow classic feeder to keep the bigger birds out. It is made to the same great standard and apart from the odd galah squeezing in it allows the smaller birds to feed in peace!

    16. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Finally, a birdfeeder that is sturdy and keeps out the cockatoos. Extra bonus, it is not only functional, it is a beautiful ornament for mine and Greg’s garden. We love it so much, I just placed an order for three more. One extra one for each of us and one as Christmas present.

    17. Victoria Goodes (verified owner)

      We are loving our bird feeder. It has pride of place in the Fairy garden!

    18. christine (verified owner)

      Cockies really can’t get in which is a success !!!

    19. Sharon S. (verified owner)

      Love it. Beautiful shape

    20. Megan S. (verified owner)

      This feeder looks beautiful – such an elegant shape – and our king parrots loved this from day 1. A real bonus is that it has been great at controlling our very destructive sulphur crested cockatoos.

    21. Sue Debnam (verified owner)

      Pretty good price, very prompt service

    22. Alan O. (verified owner)

      It has worked well and so far only Rosellas using it which is what we were hoping

    23. Michael S. (verified owner)

      Cockatoos took less than 10 seconds to work it out and around 5 mins to clean out a full tray of large wild bird mix.

    24. Faye Carey (verified owner)

      Looks good , is a Christmas present , so not unwrapped yet , I am certain it will be appreciated , and the cockatoos won’t be able to destroy it !

    25. Louise C. (verified owner)

      Love this bird feeder.

    26. Bev (verified owner)

      I Loved it. It was a Christmas present so haven’t given it yet.

    27. Johanna (verified owner)

      We love it and the birds love it

    28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    29. Anonymous (verified owner)

      It’s already being used by birds and they can all get a spot which keeps everyone happy.

    30. John G. (verified owner)

      Looks great in the garden and the birds found it surprisingly easily

    31. Sarah (verified owner)

      Arrived in excellent condition, well packed. Very happy with this feeder, I bought for my mum for Christmas. I plan to buy again from this shop in the future.

    32. Charles (verified owner)

      An excellent design and service

    33. Judy (verified owner)

      I now have a pair, and they hang under my pergola. The birds that are coming in to feed are becoming quite tame. Very enjoyable. Judy

    34. Peter Spry (verified owner)

      really good service only minor issue was that the bowl was broken in transit, easily fixed by replacement from Bunning’s item was inexpensive.

    35. C Hayes (verified owner)

      The local lorikeets are enjoying their new bird feeder. It is a perfect size to keep out the cockatoos. It blends in with the natural surrounds of the tree it sits in. I am very happy with it.

    36. Tara (verified owner)

      I love my new bird feeder. Not only does it look great but it has prevented the cockatoos eating all the bird food and leaving nothing behind for the king parrots.

    37. Kim R. (verified owner)

      Parrots are loving the bird feeder. Beautifully made.

    38. Judith F. (verified owner)

      The bird feeders are wonderful-beautifully made and robust. We now have 2 and enhanced our garden .

    39. Alisha (verified owner)

      I have been wanting this feeder for a long time … I am very happy with its quality and rustic look. I was so excited when the first lorikeets came to feed in it!! (Not so happy about the pigeons though!!) So happy to support an Aussie company – good job!

    40. Ralph (verified owner)

      Best feeder ever. Pigeons have tried t get into it, but without success. Worth every penny, and as a bonus it is beautiful to look at.

    41. Glenn (verified owner)

      I have used the old plastic feeders and they never seemed to attract birds (and fell apart) but the new feeder arrived promptly, looks great and had 6 parrots in it the morning after we hung it up. Very happy.

    42. Steb

      Pretty and pretty good. One suggestion about the design of the terracotta dish – put some drainage holes in it, so is doesn’t fill up when it rains.

    43. Ian E. (verified owner)


    44. Judy B. (verified owner)

      I absolutely love my bird feeder!
      Infact I have two.
      I put fresh fruit in one and seed in the other.
      The design is stunning and they look beautiful hanging out side.
      A functional work of art in the garden. It is great for the Rosella’s and bower birds which visit.
      Its easy to keep clean and very robust even when the larger birds come down attempting to raid the goodies.
      Well done Ironwork Australia.

    45. Andrew Maclean (verified owner)

      It is very well made and restricts access to the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. They have to work hard for a little bit of seed. Smaller birds have no problem although some are slow learners.

    46. Glynis (verified owner)

      A stunning piece of beautifully constructed artwork is now hanging in the garden. It’s only been up an hour and the cockatoos are completely flummoxed by it, however the tiny bird life is having the feed of their lives. Brilliant!

    47. Glynis (verified owner)

      The shopping, delivery (it arrived well packaged and an intriguing shape!) and beautiful bird-feeder exceeded expectations.

    48. Janice B. (verified owner)

      Great looking and sturdy bird feeder. It looks great hanging from a branch on the tree outside our kitchen window. I am pleased I chose this design, as the smaller parrots love it. J

    49. Sandra (verified owner)

      A great bird feeder in town for the smaller birds. Parrots love it and it looks good.

    50. Suzanne (verified owner)

      Bought this for my husbands birth, he was thrilled as are the birds! A great addition to the garden.

    51. Susan K. (verified owner)

      Sent as a gift, very happy. The birds love it as well

    52. Ian H. (verified owner)

      This is the second bird feeder I’ve purchased from these guys. They are beautifully made, look great and I know I’ll have them for a life time. The parade of bird species they attract adds colour and joy for my family every day. Thanks guys!

    53. Noel Barnetby (verified owner)

      I purchased this feeder to feed my local parrots however, it does not exclude pink or white corrella which have become a real pest species. I rectified this somewhat by using chicken wire from the base up to midway of your feeder. I would suggest that the gaps be made narrower if this is to become a parrot feeder..

      Thank you

    54. Susan (verified owner)

    55. Peter Z. (verified owner)

      I love this bird feeder. After 1 day of hanging it up in our front garden, king parrots, crimson rosellas and eastern rosellas were all enjoying the seed. I didn’t want white cockatoos feeding and while they have tried it is not very successful – they can’t fit their heads through the gaps. it was fun watching them try though. Currawongs have tried unsuccessfully too. It is just what we were after and hoping to buy another one soon for the the back garden.

    56. Cheryl M. (verified owner)

      The bird feeder is beautifully made, looks great hanging amongst my hanging baskets. The Rosellas love it, also the King Parrots. It is very entertaining watching them! The cockies still come, but the feeder makes it difficult for them unless the seed spreads right to the edge. Some of the cagier ones will hang upside down off the bottom of the feeder and stick their head up and through to steal some food. Overall, its a lovely addition to my back verandah and garden, and the birds are very grateful….thank you Ironworx!

    57. Rob Burns (verified owner)

      Great looking bird feeder. The birds love it, and the narrower bars help discourage the big white cockatoos. Love it

    58. Tim B. (verified owner)

      Really well made, king parrots love it.

    59. Lesley Foster (verified owner)

      I wanted this bird feeder years ago, but had to settle for a cheaper one, however I finally got tired of the cockatoos eating all the seed, and keeping smaller birds away. I just love this bird feeder. it is worth every cent, it looks fabulous in the garden, and yes the lorikeets and rosellas can fit inside, and the cockatoos cannot.

    60. Lyn (verified owner)

      All of my birds are enjoying my new feeder, except for the cockatoos. Although I still have one local cockatoo doing chin ups to get the odd seed.King parrots can make their way in easily.

    61. Lauren R. (verified owner)

      Couldn’t be happier – the king parrots and rosellas love it! The cockatoos were frustrated and left -excellent result. Thank you so much team, speedy delivery and great communication too. What a beautiful birdfeeder – we might have to get a second one!

    62. Vicki Lee (verified owner)

      Beautiful bird feeder super guick delivery highly recommend

    63. Paul whale (verified owner)

      Very happy with bird feeder very well made easy delivery well packaged highly recommend ….lorikeets seem to be like it just waiting get few king parrots to come visit now

    64. Ros OSullivan (verified owner)

      We love the look of bird feeder and lorikeets enjoy being able to stand inside on flat surface – unfortunately cockatoos still find a way to hang on side and poke their head in to scare away the lorikeets and take the seed so it did not resolve that problem/ reason for our purchase ,

    65. Lance B. (verified owner)

    66. Russell Mowles (verified owner)

    67. Gay Clark (verified owner)

      Absolutely love our bird feeder it not only looks wonderful in the garden but the birds are loving it as well. The service was great and arrived in good time. We have actually bought another one because we love them so much!

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