Classic bird feeder (open)

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Our most popular bird feeder, perfect for attracting birds of all sizes to your garden.

***Please Note this is a newly made batch, not rusty yet but the patina will develop over time.***

Includes postage.


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    ***Please Note this is a newly made batch, not rusty yet but the patina will develop over time.***

    You look out into your garden and see a pair of Rosella playfully snacking on some seed from our classic bird feeder. Amazing! This is our most popular design and it will encourage birds of all sizes to visit your garden.

    Each feeder has a beautiful rusty patina that will continue to grow over time. Made from 100% Australian steel that will last a lifetime.

    Includes a removable 21cm terracotta dish.

    You can also use the feeders as plant holders.

    Not sure how to hang it? You can pair it with an S hook or Wall mount so that it will be easy to hang from a sturdy tree branch, wall or post.

    Dimensions: 380mm (w) x 480mm (h – including ring)

    Shipping & Handling: included.

    Please note: all our pieces are hand crafted and rusted via the natural elements and therefore unique. Because of this there will be slight variations in size/colour from those listed or shown.

    114 reviews for Classic bird feeder (open)

    1. Shelby (verified owner)

      This bird feeder is absolutely gorgeous. I have so enjoyed watching the birds in the morning and throughout the day. Ironworx customer service was wonderfully helpful as well, I would definitely purchase from them again!

    2. Sharon (verified owner)

      Love my bird feeder. It’s fantastic quality and was so quick to arrive. Thoroughly recommend them.

    3. Leanne P. (verified owner)

      My bird feeder arrived promptly and was very well wrapped during transit. Within a day of hanging this beauty in my garden I had native birds feeding from it. I bought 2 bird feeders in different styles, and am seriously considering getting another one! Highly recommend.

    4. Alan (verified owner)

      I ordered this for my wife and she loves it

    5. Jeanine C. (verified owner)

      I am so delighted with this. From Day 2 we have had an assortment of birds who just love it. The size is perfect because th crows won’t fit and we have had 3 different varieties so far. I can’t thank you enough.

    6. Sandra Lorensini (verified owner)

      The feeder is very practical, the birds love it, and it is a most attractive feature in my garden.

    7. Kerstin (verified owner)

      The local lorikeets love getting their special lorikeet mix from one feeder while the King Parrots come for seed and fruit from the other.

    8. Gloria G. (verified owner)

      This is an amazing bird feeder
      I love the design and obviously it will outlast my lifetime and the lorikeets as well
      Just last night I had 12 lorikeets feeding from this iron feeder
      I bought a large dish to fit on the top of the original Ceramic one as I can take it out and easily wash it after every “meal”
      So I am extremely happy with the design and easiness of placing food on the plate
      I would recommend this to other bird lovers

    9. Narelle P. (verified owner)

    10. Angela (verified owner)

      Beautiful. Dad loves it. He said a pink and grey was feeding from it. One hasn’t been in the yard for years.

    11. Kerryanne (verified owner)

      Very well made. Exactly what I wanted.

    12. Lesley (verified owner)

      Really pleased with my bird feeder, and so are the birds! The design and metalwork are lovely – a real feature in the garden.

    13. Kristine Bader (verified owner)

      Hello Roger and Katrina. Love the bird feeder, beautifully made. Love seeing the birds using it. Will be a repeat customer soon 🙂

    14. Elaine (verified owner)

      Absolutely delighted with my new bird feeder. It is beautifully constructed and the birds love it.

    15. Peta (verified owner)

      An awesome product, we are very happy with it.

    16. Robin V. (verified owner)

      Bought this for my bird lover grandson for his 12th birthday. I was so happy to find this online after viewing hundreds of twee and ugly bird feeders that I’m quite sure his parents would refuse to hang. This one is elegant and the whole family loves it.

    17. elomai jacyna (verified owner)

      birds are flocking

    18. Michele B. (verified owner)

      Love this bird feeder and so do the birds.
      It’s a subtle design and big enough to accommodate feeding a cockie or two
      Would definitely recommend

    19. Elizabeth Kidd (verified owner)

      Absolutely love it

    20. Debbie R. (verified owner)

      I bought the classic bird feeder to feed the wild birds and they love it… I can see when it needs replenishing and the birds find it very stable.. I bought an extra couple of S hooks to keep it strong and safe in the wind..

    21. Jillian Goodge (verified owner)

      Lovely quality and also attractive

    22. Kim Read (verified owner)

      Beautiful addition to the garden, birthday present for hubby. Love to support small business

    23. Larraine (verified owner)

      Excellent choice stops fighting allows more birds to access, dominant can’t scare others off as easily.

    24. Jenny Osborne (verified owner)

    25. Melissa R. (verified owner)

    26. Heather Jamieson (verified owner)

      Thanks so much for the bird feeder! Looks lovely in my garden and really enjoying watching the beautiful birds enjoying some seed! The hook worked great! Will be saving for next purchase!

    27. Elgin Gillespie (verified owner)

    28. Sandra A. (verified owner)

      Loved my bird feeders. I purchased 2 for my hanging plants..but decided to hang them for bird feeders. So well made and arrived in super quick time.Love them.

    29. Peter Renshaw (verified owner)

      Excellent in all respects

    30. Charlotte (verified owner)

      Very happy to support an Australian made product which looks so wonderful in our garden.

    31. Sharon P. (verified owner)

      I’m very pleased with the quality and design of the open feeder. It is functional without being an obtrusive item in the garden.

    32. fiona d. (verified owner)

      The birds love the feeder. I have placed a smaller tray on the feeder so that it can be cleaned easily. It is a great success and looks so smart.

    33. Cassie (verified owner)

      The parrots love this very open spanned feeder. It’s easy for them to hold on to and feed from. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with these beautifully designed feeders.

    34. Rebecca McMahon (verified owner)

      I recently read a book written by an ornithologist about feeding native birds. He acknowledges that people do in fact feed birds and therefore finds it more useful to educate people about the biggest ‘don’t s’ rather than just saying ‘don’t’. One of the biggest problems is spreading desease. After reading this book, I stumbled on the IRONWORX bird feeders and found, not only are they beautiful, it is so easy to remove the feeding dish every afternoon and properly clean and dry it before putting it out again the following morning. They are perfect. I got two different sizes and all of my little visitors love them. I love them too!

    35. liz (verified owner)

      Gorgeous piece of work. Fast delivery. Will be purchasing again

    36. Alanah (verified owner)

      I love this .. very very happy.. looks great. I put another on my Christmas list… can wait

    37. Lynn (verified owner)

      Absolutely love my bird feeder and the birds do to. Thank you and . would definitely recommend

    38. Glenyss G. (verified owner)

      Absolutely stunning my daughter loved it. Wonderful quality handmade feeder and great after sales service

    39. Amanda (verified owner)

      nice piece of ironwork

    40. Caroline (verified owner)

      A beautiful yet functional addition to the garden which immediately attracted the native locals. Excellent postage and great communication. Worth every cent

    41. Bronwyn (verified owner)

      This bird feeder is both a thing of beauty as well as functional! We love it!

    42. Joy G. (verified owner)

      Beautiful quality addition to our garden! Arrived quickly. The birds love hanging off the sides!

    43. Carolyn B. (verified owner)

      The feeder arrived as described. It and the accompanying dragonfly pole really compliment my succulent garden. This is my second purchase from this supplier.

    44. Margie (verified owner)

      Lovely feeder, good size, quick delivery. Birds love it too!

    45. Julie S. (verified owner)

    46. Lesley B. (verified owner)

      Love my new bird feeder. Beautifully made. I had 8 king parrots at the feeder in less than 24 hours of hanging it up.

    47. Claire U. (verified owner)

      Bought for a Christmas present for my son in law, looks beautiful and very well made. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction. I know he will love it

    48. Sophia (verified owner)

      The bird feeder looks beautiful. I’m so happy with it

    49. Justine (verified owner)

      I absolutely love the shape of the bird feeder. It allows birds to reach the seeds easily and looks fantastic in our tree.
      I loved the feeder so much that I bought another as a gift for a friend.

    50. Patricia S. (verified owner)

      Beautiful Australian product. The birds find it easy to access.

    51. Katrina (verified owner)

      We love the bird feeder we purchased as a wedding gift!! Very happy supporting local craftsmen & business and couldn’t be happier with the service, support & delivery!! 10/10 – Thank you

    52. Sue Butler (verified owner)

      Just beautiful

    53. Ally S. (verified owner)

    54. Suzie McKenzie (verified owner)

      Absolutely love both of the bird feeders I purchased from Ironworx! They look so natural and fit right in to my courtyard garden. Now…the only problem is how to keep the rats from accessing it from the tree it is hung in. Any idea!

    55. Elise (verified owner)

    56. Anne T. (verified owner)

      Great service & very nice bird feeder.

    57. Peter Ward (verified owner)

      Haven’t opened it, as it is a gift, but can say that it arrived in excellent condition, and seems a very solid construction.

    58. Family McClure (verified owner)

      It’s great. Can’t wait the see the birds settle in. Fast delivery too.

    59. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Loved it. Arrived very promptly to country NSW. Thanks. Something different.

    60. Anonymous (verified owner)

      I bought the Classic Bird Feeder and the birds love it . It looks great in my garden along with the rustic ornaments.

    61. Rita Campbell (verified owner)

      Love it and it’s going to make a wonderful Christmas gift.

    62. Sharon (verified owner)

      Fell in love with this bird feeder as soon as I saw it. Bought it for my son for xmas, he now loves it.

    63. Phillip H. (verified owner)

      Excellent bird Feeder and looks great in the yard. Quality item

    64. Ellen Gordon (verified owner)

      This bird feeder arrived perfectly wrapped. We love it and will order another one. We have hung it in the garden and birds love it and it looks great. The mount and S hook were perfect to hang the feeder.

    65. Molly (verified owner)

      Looks great! Unique gift for that person who has everything!

    66. Johanna (verified owner)

      We love it and the birds love it

    67. Anonymous (verified owner)

      The cockatoos love this!

    68. Samantha Shandley (verified owner)

      Love it. Great quality, sturdy. Fast shipping. Could not be happier. Highly recommend.

    69. Valerie Bethell (verified owner)

      Looks great, arrived very quickly. Thank you

    70. Sam T. (verified owner)

      Beautiful bird feeder, purchased for my mum for Christmas. She absolutely loves it, and it’s a gorgeous addition to her garden. Thanks also for the fast delivery!

    71. Melinda R. (verified owner)

      love it but i wish it was bigger!!! please make much larger ones for the galas and parrots here

    72. Geraldine (verified owner)

      Very happy with this product, looks so good in the garden and the delivery was extremely quick. Great customer service

    73. angela (verified owner)

      Absolutely gorgeous!

    74. Betty Besch (verified owner)

      I loved my last one. Still waiting to put this one up as I want to make it is very secure so it doesn’t get stolen. Will let you know when I do and will take a photo and send it to you.

    75. Louise (verified owner)

      I’ve had one for a year or more now and it’s been so great my mum wanted one too, she also loves hers. It not only looks classic it’s big enough for parrots like Kings and even Cockatoos but the Lorikeets also handle it with ease. Filled with Lorikeet slurry it can become a veritable chandelier of Lorikeets. I bought another different hardwood one at the same time as the first from another vendor and it has already been destroyed by sharp beaks. This iron one on the other hand looks like it will last a lifetime.

    76. Andrew b. (verified owner)

      Lovely product. Well done.

    77. Cliff Mansfield (verified owner)

      Great addition to the Garden, in attracting the Birds, the Grandchildren love it

    78. Marilyn Bain (verified owner)

    79. merrill leeson (verified owner)

      love the birdfeeder and so do our local parrots1

    80. Michelle (verified owner)

      I absolutely love my bird feeder. It is absolutely perfect. Beautiful and functional. I couldn’t be happier

    81. Anonymous (verified owner)

      love it and so do the birds

    82. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Brilliant product

    83. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Love it – as do the Rosellas!

    84. Ralph (verified owner)

      Best feeder ever. Pigeons have tried t get into it, but without success. Worth every penny, and as a bonus it is beautiful to look at.

    85. Anne (verified owner)

      An excellent product loved by the lorikeets & eastern rosellas.

    86. Corey T. (verified owner)

      Our family really love the beautiful patina on our Ironworx Classic Bird Feeder. So much so that we have purchased a second one!

    87. Carolyn (verified owner)

      The Bird Feeder is Fabulous! I now have many colourful Birds in my backyard for me to enjoy watching. And even the Dove’s love it..when the Lorikeet’s let them, ha.
      Extremely happy with my purchase 🙂

    88. Julie S. (verified owner)

      Love my new bird feeder and so do the birds. Sturdy, well constructed and looks beautiful hanging in our tree.

    89. Christine L. (verified owner)

      Am so pleased with this birdfeeder, quality and workmanship.
      Have it hanging in my silver birch tree ready for the green parrots to have a meal.
      Thank you Ironworx

    90. Julienne Hayes (verified owner)

      They were a gift for 2 friends and they absolutely love them. Just sent your link as one friend wants another one.
      It was so easy to order them and they came quickly and well packed, thank you. Jules

    91. Julie S. (verified owner)

      I have purchased these 3 times now as presents. Everyone loves them!

    92. Pauline Catterall (verified owner)

      Beautiful ! As pictured . Arrived promptly

    93. Nathan (verified owner)

      Wonderful addition to the garden. The birds absolutely love it. Beautifully designed and built.

    94. Jane (verified owner)

      Bought this feeder about two years ago . Very sturdy and popular with our local birds . So have now purchased second feeder. Great fast service and quality product

    95. Anonymous (verified owner)

      We absolutely love it so does all our wold birds. Thank you.

    96. Donna (verified owner)

      Absolutely love the bird feeder! Bought it for my Mum going to get myself one. Thanks so much

    97. Anne (verified owner)

      I’m afraid that my Bird Feeder has not yet arrived. It seems to be still awaiting delivery in the Postal Depot in Brisbane. It is very disappointing.

      • Ironworx (store manager)

        Hi Anne, really sorry to hear that Australia Post has not yet delivered your order. We would recommend lodging a missing item request to see if that can speed up the delivery. Hopefully once it arrives you and your local birdlife will love it. Cheers Roger

    98. Cornell S. (verified owner)

      Beautiful piece. Looks great in the garden and the birds love it.

    99. Julie (verified owner)

      The feeder is such a great design and the birds love it! The feeder looks so elegant.

    100. Meg (verified owner)

      This is such a beautifully designed bird feeder that looks so lovely in our garden. It easily accommodates birds of differing sizes; allowing cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets to visit us all day, every day which is a delight to see. Thankyou for making such a well proportioned and visually striking feeder.

    101. Holly Bidwell (verified owner)

      A beautifully made bird feeder that has attracted some beautiful birds to our backyard.

    102. Cory Bennett (verified owner)

      Great looking bird feeder

    103. Craig Bonnett (verified owner)

      Sturdy structure and great weight. Easy hang and kids love watching the birds fly in and out

    104. Jillian (verified owner)

      This is a great bird feeder, the wall/post mount & S hook are great additions.

    105. Elaine Harrison (verified owner)

    106. Robyn M. (verified owner)

      I never imagined that a bird feeder could look so stylish. Our wild parrots love it. Thank you.

    107. Joy (verified owner)

      Beautifully designed and so well made. It looks great in our garden. The birds absolutely love it also!

      Delivery was prompt and so pleased to find an Australian made product of such high quality. Well done!

    108. Cameron (verified owner)

    109. Astrid L. (verified owner)

      A magnet for small parrots and finches. Decorous and well made

    110. Juliana (verified owner)

      Beautiful birdfeeder, strong and sturdy with a lovely colour which gets better with age.

    111. Jan W. (verified owner)

      This bird feeder looks so attractive in the garden. Very different but the birds are loving it!

    112. Jennifer H. (verified owner)

      This is a beautiful piece of ironwork! Hangs nicely in the lemon tree. We’re still waiting for the birds to arrive – but are confident that they’ll love it!

    113. Raylee (verified owner)

      The Classic Bird Feeder is an elegantly crafted piece, a fusion of form and function. It was selected as a gift for a first house and garden of a treasured neice. The recipient says, ‘The lorikeets love it!’ Is there any better endorsement?

    114. Anonymous (verified owner)

      The product is amazing!
      It would be great to see your company using environmentally friendly packaging. It was wrapped in a lot of plastic bubble wrap.

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