S hook

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A simple and elegant way to hang your bird feeder.

Includes postage.

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    A simple and elegant way to hang your bird feeder.

    100% Australian steel with a beautiful rusty patina.

    Yes you can buy these at your local hardware store, but they won’t match the rusty patina of your bird feeder, won’t be handmade and will probably be made overseas.

    Dimensions: 80mm(w) x 200mm(h)

    Shipping & Handling: Included.

    Please note: all our pieces are hand crafted and rusted via the natural elements and therefore unique. There will be slight variations in size/colour from those listed or shown.

    164 reviews for S hook

    1. Sharon (verified owner)

      Love my bird feeder. It’s fantastic quality and was so quick to arrive. Thoroughly recommend them.

    2. Leanne P. (verified owner)

      A nice matching piece to hang my feeders

    3. Alan (verified owner)

      Excellent quality

    4. Jeanine C. (verified owner)

      Perfect for where it is!

    5. Narelle P. (verified owner)

    6. wayne d. (verified owner)

    7. Angela (verified owner)

    8. Kate (verified owner)

    9. Kerryanne (verified owner)

    10. Rachel Dalgleish (verified owner)

    11. Robin V. (verified owner)

    12. Christine (verified owner)

    13. Michele B. (verified owner)

      Perfect addition to the bird feeder.

    14. Elizabeth Kidd (verified owner)

    15. Debbie R. (verified owner)

    16. Jillian Goodge (verified owner)

    17. Melissa R. (verified owner)

    18. Susan Crowley (verified owner)

    19. Heather Jamieson (verified owner)

    20. Catherine (verified owner)

    21. ROB (verified owner)

      Great to use to hang our bird feeder.

    22. Elgin Gillespie (verified owner)

    23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    24. Peter Renshaw (verified owner)

    25. Jillian Goodge (verified owner)

      Great way to securely hang the bird feeder

    26. Charlotte (verified owner)

    27. Sam Taylor (verified owner)

    28. Alina Tooley (verified owner)

      very sturdy

    29. Christine Anstee (verified owner)

      Great price super happy

    30. Annie (verified owner)

      looks great with the bird feed hanging from it

    31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    32. christine (verified owner)

      I needed it for the height where my bracket was going and it’s fabulous as it all matches

    33. Lisa (verified owner)

    34. liz (verified owner)

    35. Sharon S. (verified owner)

    36. Alanah (verified owner)

      Perfect .. dropped the feeder down Just enough so it doesn’t sit up to high

    37. Leisa C. (verified owner)

    38. Dianne (verified owner)

    39. Glenyss G. (verified owner)

    40. Caroline (verified owner)

    41. Adriana Leonardi (verified owner)

    42. Catherine (verified owner)

    43. Bronwyn (verified owner)

      Excellent addition to the bird feeder!

    44. Lea Hecimovic (verified owner)

      The hook is easy to use and I’m glad I purchased it at the same time as the feeder as it was needed. The price was reasonable as if it wasn’t required then it really didn’t cost that much if it wasn’t used.

    45. Sue Debnam (verified owner)

      The bird feeder looks attractive in the garden as well as doing a good job, good purchase, thanks

    46. Julie S. (verified owner)

    47. Lynn (verified owner)

      Would recommend to anyone. Everything is well made.

    48. Debra (verified owner)

    49. Sophia (verified owner)

    50. Justine (verified owner)

      The S hook made the bird feeder so much easier to hang up.

    51. Terrie (verified owner)

      Well made and for me essential to place the feeder.

    52. J S. (verified owner)

      Quality accessories are integral to displaying quality products in a natural environment – thank you.

    53. Kavita Payall (verified owner)

    54. Kathryn P. (verified owner)

      Extremely happy

    55. Dennis Jones (verified owner)

      as above

    56. Kelly (verified owner)

    57. Michael S. (verified owner)


    58. Elise (verified owner)

    59. Helene Pontre (verified owner)

    60. Louise C. (verified owner)

    61. Chris (verified owner)

    62. Rita Campbell (verified owner)

    63. Anonymous (verified owner)


    64. Gay N. (verified owner)

    65. Julie (verified owner)

    66. Phillip H. (verified owner)

      Larger than i expected but goes perfectly with the Bird Feeder

    67. Judith F. (verified owner)

      And the hook

    68. Janine (verified owner)

    69. Ellen Gordon (verified owner)

    70. Michelle Watson (verified owner)

    71. Johanna (verified owner)

      Good fit and match for the feeder

    72. Anonymous (verified owner)

    73. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Looks great!

    74. Kylie Henley (verified owner)

      The S hook will be handy to hang the bird feeder & is strong.

    75. Tammy C. (verified owner)

      A nice finishing touch to install my feeder

    76. Karen W. (verified owner)

      Great. Made hanging it on the tree branch so easy!

    77. John G. (verified owner)

      Does the job.

    78. Suzanne (verified owner)

    79. Hannah b. (verified owner)

    80. Sarah (verified owner)

    81. Deena A. (verified owner)

    82. Ronald S. (verified owner)

      Well suited for hanging on a branch

    83. Valerie Bethell (verified owner)

      worked well. I had to buy ordinary chain to allow the feeder to be at the required height, which spoils the appearance. Would be great if you supplied chain that matched.

    84. B L. (verified owner)

      Perfect rustic look for my garden. Will definitely get more. Awesome service and fast delivery

    85. Michele Johnson (verified owner)

      Supports the bird feeder well 🙂

    86. Pamela Randall (verified owner)

    87. Kylie C. (verified owner)

    88. angela (verified owner)


    89. Denise N. (verified owner)

      The S hook works really well with our feeder!

    90. Bowes Michele (verified owner)

      Compliment the gorgeous bird feeders

    91. DALE C. (verified owner)

      Very handy product

    92. John G. (verified owner)

    93. Helen (verified owner)

      Very handy

    94. Carolyn (verified owner)

    95. Joy (verified owner)

    96. Trudi Cummins (verified owner)

    97. LINDA LEWIS (verified owner)

    98. Michelle (verified owner)

    99. Kara (verified owner)

      Great product, works beautifully with the bird feeders we bought earlier. Good quality product, good price when compared to competition and postage reasonable with quick dispatch.

    100. Juliana (verified owner)

      Received birdfeeder as gift. Bought the perfect matching S-hook, it looks stunning hanging in my jacaranda tree.

    101. Fiona (verified owner)

    102. Erin M. (verified owner)

      Perfect for hanging feeder from a branch.

    103. Anna G. (verified owner)

    104. C Hayes (verified owner)

    105. Tara (verified owner)

      Very handy and stylish accessory

    106. Caroline G. (verified owner)

      The perfect connector for the bird feeder – would definitely recommend getting this with any bird feeder!

    107. Judith F. (verified owner)

    108. Elizabeth S. (verified owner)

      Don’t know yet for this either but it looks good and strong

    109. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Super handy!

    110. Alisha (verified owner)

      Not in use as yet but I’m sure it will be just right for its purpose.

    111. Mary-Louise Jenkins (verified owner)

    112. Leeson Merrill (verified owner)

      Works well

    113. Annie Marshall (verified owner)

    114. Corey T. (verified owner)

      The S hooks provide a very strong and stable connection to the tree branches we have connected our bird feeders to. Their patina complements the feeders beautifully.

    115. Annie (verified owner)

    116. Gillian (verified owner)

      Looks great in the landscape, easy for the birds, and for humans. Very happy, thanks.

    117. Natalie W. (verified owner)

      useful and looks good

    118. Glynis (verified owner)

      A perfect way to hang the bird-feeder.

    119. Karen (verified owner)

      Great accessory

    120. Michele Bowes (verified owner)

    121. Samantha S. (verified owner)

    122. Gail Woods (verified owner)

      Still waiting for this item

      • Ironworx (store manager)

        Hi Gail, we are very sorry it hasn’t arrived yet. It was posted two days after your ordered. Unfortunately we have no control over how long Aus Post takes to deliver it, and as mentioned in reply to your emails they are experiencing long delays. We hope when it does arrive you will be happy with our products and consider leaving another review.

    123. Julie S. (verified owner)

    124. Leanne Gryfenberg (verified owner)


    125. Lynn S. (verified owner)

      Very strong,and just what i was looking for

    126. Robyn Z. (verified owner)

    127. Vivienne W. (verified owner)

      Good quality.

    128. Maureen Hessey (verified owner)

    129. Peter V. (verified owner)

    130. Carolyn (verified owner)


    131. Rebecca S. (verified owner)

    132. Jo T. (verified owner)

      Excellent for hanging the beautiful bird feeders.

    133. Megan McLaughlin (verified owner)

    134. Lynne W. (verified owner)

    135. Raisa (verified owner)

    136. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Looks great with the feeder.

    137. Monica Loadsman (verified owner)

    138. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Sturdy Hook suitable for large bird feeder, easy to hook feeder in a tree. Thank you.

    139. Heather G. (verified owner)

      Thank you so much dad loves it, thank you also for the little note you attached

    140. Vanessa (verified owner)

      Sturdy and good size for the feeder.

    141. Donna (verified owner)

    142. Carly Fowler (verified owner)

    143. John B. (verified owner)

    144. Kathy Sweeney (verified owner)

    145. Cornell S. (verified owner)

    146. Suzanne (verified owner)

      Works really well with the bird feeder

    147. belinda b. (verified owner)

    148. Anonymous (verified owner)

    149. BRUCE D. (verified owner)

      Complemets the bird feeder very well.

    150. Ingrid (verified owner)

    151. Julie (verified owner)

      Looks freat with feeder

    152. Susan (verified owner)

      Quality product with quick delivery. Easy company to deal with. Highly recommend.

    153. Holly Bidwell (verified owner)

    154. Bronwyn Morris (verified owner)

    155. Cory Bennett (verified owner)


    156. Jillian (verified owner)

    157. Elaine Harrison (verified owner)

    158. Inta S. (verified owner)

      Great quality hooks and give the look I was wanting the additional bonus was the prompt delivery. Highly recommended this Australian made product.

    159. Brett Barns (verified owner)


    160. Lauren R. (verified owner)

    161. Vicki Lee (verified owner)

    162. Juliana (verified owner)

      Perfect combination for the birdfeeder.

    163. Raylee (verified owner)

    164. Gay Clark (verified owner)

      Very strong and easy to hang from a tree.

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